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About the comic: Todd and Penguin began on the web in 2000 as an attempt to fill the void left by Bill Watterson and Charles Schulz. In 2004 Todd and Penguin was one of the few comics selected to be hosted for free by Universal Press Syndicate's Comics Sherpa site and was selected as one of the editor's choices. KeenSpot signed Todd and Penguin to its syndicate in 2005.

In 2006, KeenSpot published the first Todd and Penguin collection in the full color book, "Embrace Your Inner Dork."

Todd and Penguin first appeared in print in the Stanford Daily in 2002. The comic has also been featured in six other newspapers as part of KeenSpot's syndication page.

About the author: David Wright is a reporter/ editorial cartoonist at a newspaper just north of Daytona Beach Florida. When he isn't working, he can be found attempting to finish writing one of several books, attempting to play guitar, and attempting to keep the cats from pooping outside of the litterbox.

He has failed at these attempts more times than he cares to recall.

He now spends every waking moment attempting to learn the magical formula which allows someone to balance raising a baby boy, work and comics.

You'd have to ask his wife, who is taking the brunt of that task, how well he is doing.

He is also in a recovery program to overcome referencing himself in the third person.
What people are saying...
"Perhaps the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. Todd and Penguin Brings the Funny even though Todd's life really could be a lot better, and bad things keep happening. And Penguin's faith is strong and childlike enough that it seems like it's never hopeless. And, while stolen cookies bring joy and lost jobs bring depression, the pair and all those around them keep things together in their own way...David Wright is a master of the personal moment and the bemused expression. On the surface it's Penguin's love of cookies and Todd's ennui with his job. Under the surface it's humor coming out of acceptance, love, and selfish housecats or officially bitter goth girls. It's broad enough to have fertile grounds for humor, but it never loses its quiet core."
Eric Burns - Websnark.com

"Whenever I read Todd & Penguin, the first thing that occurs to me is that Todd is a man of remarkable patience. Penguin possesses just the right mix of mischief and naivetť that would drive me up a wall. He wakes Todd up at 5AM to tape his teddy bearís broken leg, or to tell him itís the start of ĎNational Cookie Monthí. Then he turns around and sets Todd up as the patsy in a water balloon practical joke. But before I can wonder why Todd doesnít just strangle the little bird and have done with, I think of my own kids, and it occurs to me that it isnít patience that restrains him. Itís love. David Wright has taken a truly funny, well-drawn, engaging comic and done what Iíve seen precious few others do well. Heís imbued it with actual love. The pitfall in trying to do this is that invariably it comes off as corny or trite, and elicits more groans than laughter from readers. Witness the bane of all contemporary comic creators, The Family Circus. But with Todd & Penguin, the love is a natural part of its fabric. Like Calvin and Hobbes or Peanuts, it walks the line between sentimentality and sharp wit, and you never notice how difficult it should be to pull off. Itís the perfect batch of cookies, and Dave has the recipe down pat... Penguinís simultaneous innocence and mischievousness; Toddís (sometimes grudging) acceptance of his little buddyís foibles; Daveís obvious affection for the characters heís created... They say true happiness in life is found in small doses. Like a hug from a friend. Like a really good cookie.
Like reading Todd & Penguin."
Lee Adam Herold - Chopping Block

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