Tuesday, December 26, 2006
I'm facing a crisis over Girl and Monster. I'm not happy with the comic yet. It's been two months and I still don't like what I'm seeing. I put a lot (over two years) of planning time into the comic, so I'm kinda' surprised I'm not liking it more than I am. I hope once the intitial storyline is over, and it gets into a regular groove, I'll like it more.

To be honest, the more I draw Girl and Monster, the more I want to start Taking Up Space again. Which brings me to the same problem that keeps rearing its head... Too many ideas, not nearly enough time.

If only I could combine all the comics into one. I know I can't do that with Girl and Monster, but... maybe, I could combine Todd and Penguin and Taking Up Space?

I dunno'.

Speaking of Todd and Penguin, today's is based on my own cat, Charlie.

Well, I'm off. Back to work at the paper tomorrow.

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