Monday, January 29, 2007
Some of you have been emailing me to ask what's going on with the comics. I've not updated in over a week nor offered an explanation. Well, truth is, I've been struggling with a decision I didn't want to make -- to take a break from Todd and Penguin until May.

My wife and I are expecting our first child this spring and I need to get a lot of stuff taken care of before that time. Between my day (and night) job as a reporter and editorial cartoonist, and the many things I've been neglecting which need to get done before our baby is born, there is simply no time to draw right now... unless I want either an unhappy wife or a crappy comic.

I feel that me trying to do too much has hurt the quality of the comics in recent months. I haven't properly paced out stories in Todd and Penguin, nor have I drawn Girl and Monster as well as it needs to be drawn. Nor have I written it as well as planned. The story, which I spent well over two years on, has stuttered and stopped due to my lack of time, which is a let down to both me and probably the readers.

Of course, going on hiatus is not an easy decision. I risk losing a lot of the audience I've built over the years. When people stop visiting a site routinely, there's a good chance they will never come back. So, for some of you, I guess this will be goodbye.

For those that stay, I am attempting to get something which is very rare back online - the first few months of Todd and Penguin, which vanished from the web in 2002 during the great KeenSpace server crash (back when my readership hovered at somewhere between 140 and maybe on a good day, 400 readers, which means a lot of you haven't seen the old VERY BADLY drawn stuff from the early days).

I am attempting to get these lost comics back online. I will let you know later this week if I am able to do so. If I am, then I will probably update notes with some of the old comics, such as "Wow, didn't I suck? I mean, more than now?"

While the Todd and Penguin and Girl and Monster comics will be taking a break, I will continue writing here on an almost daily basis and, as events demand, I WILL be posting other material including new "Taking Up Space"comics from time to time. In fact, the Taking Up Space fans among you may be happy that Todd and Penguin is going on hiatus, because it will mean some more time devoted to my "alter ego" darker comics.

Lastly, come back to the website on Friday when I will post the last of the new Todd and Penguin and Girl and Monster comics until May. I'll also update you then on the status of the old comics.

As always, thanks for reading,
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