Monday, February 05, 2007
Tonight on TV
Tonight on Tyra: Tyra views the mysterious world of witches and talks with its proponents.

Tonight on Tyra:
Tyra and her "spooky" attention seeking lonely-because-they-want-to-be-anything-more-than-normal guests have a dumb-off to see who can say the dumbest thing. My money's on Tyra, who just took offense in a "Oh no you didn't girl" moment when a witch had the audacity to say her witchcraft was like Christianity. Ooh, that witch!! Tyra stopped the girl dead in her tracks, and told her that some people are gonna' take offense... Uh, oh, maybe a debate... wait, there's a "witch" who realized she had powers following this day when she had a feeling someone might die and someone did. She is talking in the dark, holding a candle to reflect light upward onto her face to be all spooky-like creepy music plays in the background.

Verdict on who would say something dumber: Draw.

Move over, Jon Stewart, Dave has found something even funnier to watch.


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Sunday, February 04, 2007
The new old and some pearls to consider
Like I mentioned in my previous post, I will be taking some time off from Todd and Penguin while I help get the house ready for our baby that's on the way. One week into my hiatus, I found myself doodling rather than working... but it wasn't the good natured Penguin comic. It was my dark child, Taking Up Space.

Thanks to Stephan Pastis of Pearls Before Swine, for bringing Taking Up Space back.

You see, while I had heard of the comic, I'd not really read it until maybe a month ago or so, following an interview I read with Pastis, where he seemed like a really cool guy. He also spoke of how he met Peanuts creator, Charles Schulz, which is an inspirational sort of story. So I checked out his comic and I love it! For one, it is doing something that I have wanted to do for the longest time - it blends dark with cute in a way that works well AND is syndicated.

When I first started Taking Up Space in 2002, it was borne of my desire to do something edgier, darker, something that allowed me to express my darker take on things. The humor, centering on things like death, is much more in line with my day-to-day sense of humor, while Todd and Penguin is probably the G-rated Dave. While I was aiming for dark and edgy, I couldn't keep cute out of the comic (enter Alexander, the hapless rabbit).

I love Taking Up Space. It was my first published work, too, in the Stanford Daily. However, I couldn't get Penguin out of my head, and had only time to draw one comic. I chose Penguin and put Taking Up Space back in the closet.

I take it out from time to time, turn it in my hands, maybe rework it a bit, and attempt to bring it back into the light. However, Penguin always calls, like the annoying cookie-starved avian he is and Taking Up Space always goes back into the closet.

In a perfect world, I could combine Todd and Penguin AND Taking Up Space. However, I didn't know how that would sit with longtime Todd and Penguin readers.

Now, after buying the first Pearls Before Swine treasury on Friday, I find myself dusting the comic off again and contemplating some way to bring the Todd and Penguin characters into Taking Up Space. It would indeed be the best of both worlds.

There are some barriers which I have to consider before making the leap, but Todd and Penguin could soon become Taking Up Space, featuring Todd and Penguin.

Speaking of Penguin, during my hiatus, I am posting the very first horribly drawn comics from November 2000 on the site. Some of you may recall that I lost the Nov. 2000-March 2001 comics when KeenSpace crashed back in 2002. I thought they were lost forever, but they have been found and should be somewhat interesting for 95% of my readers who weren't around back in 2002.

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