Wednesday, March 07, 2007
TV funny and not so funny
random thoughts on TV ...
Dealing with insomnia, I found myself awake at 2 am the other night and caught the Fox News show, Red Eye.

The premise, I believe, is that the show is supposed to be hip, funny, irreverent, and just like Real Time with Bill Maher or The Daily Show, but just from a right wing point of view.

Given that I am more of a centrist, or, in some cases, left-leaning, I'm probably not their target audience. This might mean I'm just not right enough to get the jokes.

Which might be why I didn't laugh.

Or, and here is a better guess, the show just isn't funny.

Not just un-funny, but painfully un-funny.

The host and his panel of un-funny right wingers TRY to be funny. They dish sarcastic comments, they work blue, saying things which I imagine would offend many of Fox News' hardcore viewers.

But they just aren't funny.

They come off as know-it-all obnoxious asses at best.

Even when they joke about things that nobody with a right mind can dispute, like the fact that Britney Spears has lost her friggin' mind, they just don't make me laugh.

I wonder if this is how right wingers view liberal leaning comedians.

Maybe when you know the political leanings of the comedian, if it opposes your sensibilities, you just won't like it.

I'd like to think that isn't the case - that humor can transcend right or left and just be funny.

It's not that I hate the show. I don't care enough to hate it.

The panel are really among the dumbest, least funny people I've seen on TV. They make Lou Dobbs look like a comic genius.

I will say this, though, I have now watched two episodes of the show this week and will probably watch again tonight.

on another note.

I was watching Dateline this week, which featured my lovely town of Flagler Beach, and Chris Hansen was interviewing one of the people who allegedly came to a house looking for sex with minors. The guy, who was a bit confused reached out to shake Hanson's hand when Hanson said "I'm Chris Hansen from Dateline."

So Hansen reached out to shake the guy's hand, and absentmindedly said, "Nice to see you."

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