Thursday, April 12, 2007
Two posts in one night??

I'm sure many of you have already heard about apparent plagiarist Todd Goldman ripping off Dave Kelly's comic, Purple Pussy (as well as several other artists, it would seem). If not, go read the first post in this thread (which is now at about 9,000,000 pages).

Needless to say, many people are quite rightfully pissed off at Goldman.

Scott Kurtz over at PVP had a good idea... webcomic authors ought to shame Goldman, by using the image in question.

I thought it was a good idea and used it in this Taking Up Space.
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Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Battle cats
Anyone know a good cat trainer?
I've seen the "dog whisperer" on TV and even interviewed a woman for my newspaper who has had great success training dogs. Cats, though, are another story.

It began a week ago, when Boy Cat, (the fat orange one on the left) age 2 and Girl Cat, age 9, began for no reason whatsoever to go all Mortal Kombat on each other.

It was early morning, when the cats were near the litterbox and one of them got spooked and they began going at it, howling, hissing, scowling and we separated them, putting Girl Cat in our bedroom.

This isn't the first time they have gone to battle. They had two similar incidents last year, where they had standoffs that lasted a few days before they started cuddling together again as if they never were at war.... weirdos.

This is the longest such a fight has lasted.

Tonight, after reading online that such things are probably dominant Alpha Cat issues which need to be settled between them before they get along again, we decided to just let them howl it out.

Boy Cat started off aggressive, jumping on her, but Girl Cat howled back, backing Boy Cat down, where he let out some whimpy whines interspersed with scowls. However, his timidity was short-lived.

An hour later when Girl Cat was resting her eyes, he jumped on her, and she REALLY started to howl, and they tussled for a moment before Boy Cat ran away, limping as if he hurt himself (probably just his pride).

After that, Girl Cat became emboldened, standing her ground, as he ran and hid under the dining room table.

While I thought maybe I should let them finish this thing off once and for all, there was the small matter that she hadn't had any food or water in a while, and she won't let down her guard enough to eat at the communal cat dish, so I picked her up and brought to the bedroom for the night, where she can relax, eat and drink normally.... and maybe even use the litter box. Since this fight began, she hasn't gone too many times.

So if anyone has any cat advice to pass out, feel free to respond or email me from
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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Random stuff
Comixpedia had a good link to a story about an artist who appears to have ripped off an image from a Purple Pussy comic from five years ago, redrawn it and is passing it off as his own work. I'd seen the image used by a Livejournal buddy years ago and thought - what a funny panel. Well apparently, it impressed one artist so much he took it and is using it as his own.

PVP's Scott Kurtz suggested all artists use this panel in their comic to in essence, shame the artist who may have stole it for all eternity. I can get behind that. Besides, the quote would be perfectly natural coming out of Jessika's mouth in Taking Up Space.

Speaking of Comixpedia, it has really become a great site since its inception. I really wish I could contribute more to the site (I have done articles, columns and the occasional interview in the past), particularly since I became a newspaper reporter and really know how to work a story much better than when I contributed in the past. However, it is that very job which keeps me too busy to do much other writing.

Lastly, I discovered Joel Fagin's webcomic tutorial from a Comixpedia ad. Joel has some good advice on web design and several other aspects regarding webcomics, which any newcomer, or even many old vets would do well to read.
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Monday, April 09, 2007
somewhere a clock is ticking
Every now and then I write a little list of things I should spend my time doing. This usually happens late at night as thoughts of how I wasted yet more time that day race around my head, refusing to let me sleep.

Each time I start a new list, it seems to be longer than the last.

A glimpse at the most recent revision of this list:
Draw Todd and Penguin
Draw Taking Up Space
Draw Girl and Monster
Draw the unfinished super-secret comic project
Finish one of four books I have in various stages of completeness
Hell, finish a short story!
Learn to play my guitar
Set up my art desk, which I got for Christmas and have yet to find time to set up
Eat healthy
Work on my column
Redesign my web sites
Get my syndicate pack ready
Work on my column
Update this blog more often

Oh yeah, in a few weeks that entire list, which I am having great difficulty accomplishing more than a few items, will be superseded by a new item on the list -- the birth of my son.

My friends, most of whom have already had kids, tell me that kids change everything. They tell me to just go ahead and take my list, wad it up, and throw it away.... just be careful not to throw it on the floor where the baby may find it, tear it to shreds and then stick it in his left nostril, requiring me to race to the hospital to have it removed by surgeons.

I'm tired just thinking about it all.
Which is good, because right now, I need to sleep.

Maybe tomorrow, I will post something closer to actual content.
I'll add it to my list.


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