Sunday, April 29, 2007
more than words
Thanks to everyone who commented in my blogs and emailed me regarding the birth of my son. I know some of you have asked what his name is, but I have decided to keep that private for now.

However, I will share a picture with you.

While I'm in the picture sharing mood, here's a pic of the cats, who have recently ended their nearly month-long standoff. (Thank God!)

In Todd and Penguin news, the comic will be back from a VERY LONG hiatus next Monday, so mark your calendars. I'm not sure what you exactly you should write while marking your calendar, maybe you could draw a big smiley face, or maybe write, "About FREAKING time" or something.

Thanks to all the readers for their patience.

Lastly, there is a new Taking Up Space comic today, which I thought of a week ago, but didn't have time to draw until now. Check it out over here, at the newly re-designed (though far from done) website.
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