Sunday, July 22, 2007
My weird son
Well, I was warned.

All my male friends warned me that the Baby Will Change Everything. I'm not sure what their point was, it wasn't like I could say, "Oh, really, well, heck, we better just cancel this birth!" I think more than anything it was to gloat, to get in a few last digs at one of the last childless husbands in their circle. Until now, they've been envious of my free time. I think they were secretly happy to see things were about to change.

And boy were they right.

At no time do I feel it more than in the evening. While I used to be able to relax a bit between my day job and my night job (cartooning, writing) and unwind while watching TV with my wife, or just talking, that has come to an end.

Baby Wright seems to get very fussy in the evening, and usually at the time I normally relax or working. The only way to cure his fussiness is to walk around the house with him. He doesn't care what you are doing, even if you are staring at a wall, he just wants someone to stand and hold him.

At first he was content to just sit on the couch and have you hold him, which is much easier, because hey, kids get heavy when you hold them for a while! And while I would rather be drawing or writing than watching TV, at least I could catch up on some of the shows I have DVR'd sitting with him. However, now he isn't happy unless you are standing. It's as if he isn't happy unless you are in discomfort!

My mother in law watched him the other night as we went out for a nice dinner. She seems to love watching him and spending time with him. It's nice to have someone who actually LIKES watching kids offer. However, that might have changed. When we returned from dinner, her lower back was in pain from having to walk around with him for hours.

I'm not sure how long this stage is, but man, I hope it goes quickly. He's only three months old, so it's hard to find things that he can do to entertain himself when we have to do other things, such as clean, cook, eat or bathe. So for the most part, we hand off back and forth, oftentimes eating at different times.

I don't want to just sit him in front of a TV but would like to find something that can keep his attention for a little bit.

Oddly, this week, we found something which seems to enthrall him!

My wife was at the dining room table working on her laptop, the baby was in a chair seat next to her. She heard him gurgling more than usual. When she looked to see if he was talking to her, he wasn't. Something else had his attention...

The multicolored pendant light hanging above the table.

Yes, my baby was talking to the light.

I Assume this is normal baby behavior. I suppose I could look in one of the many baby books we have or online, but I'm fairly certain there isn't a chapter titled "What To Do If Your Baby Talks To Lights."

I'm sure if there were a chapter, it would say the baby is either a) normal b) weird c) has multiple personalities d) sees dead people e) is messing with his parents.

Hopefully, he doesn't see that creepy lady from Poltergeist, saying "Come into the light."

Anyway, today, I caught a quick pic of him in the chair, gurgling, laughing and chatting away at the light...

...or with the light.

Oh yeah, a new comic is up today, too


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