Tuesday, September 04, 2007
Naughty boy
Maybe someone shoulda' looked at this guy after this interview?

I wouldn't care that Larry Craig got busted for what he is alleged to have done if he weren't such a hypocrite. In fact, I might feel sorry for him. However, it just might be that his kind of public opposition and close-mindedness and intolerance that leads many gay people to hide their sexuality and resort to meeting people in airport restrooms.

I do wonder though, if there would be as much of an uproar if he was attempting to hook up with a woman in a unisex bathroom.

/steps off soapbox.


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Monday, September 03, 2007
Baby's got the blues; Hilltoppers mascot makes me want a milkshake

Baby Wright has his first cold.

He's not yet 5 months old, so the doc said no medicine for him yet (until he is at least 6 months).

When he first started coughing and got all congestedy (no, don't look for that word in the AP style guide), the look on his face was heartbreaking. He appeared confused and wounded, like I just took his bottle and drank it or something. If he could talk, he would probably have asked, "Daddy, can't you fix this?"

I saw that look once before. About 2 months ago, I was feeding him, and while attempting to balance him and place the bottle back on the coffee table, I somehow lost grip of the plastic baby bottle, and flicked my finger up to spin the bottle back, so I could catch it (a move which worked well for me in basketball) but instead of making this cool catch, the bottle flipped backward and klunked the baby right in the head!

I will never forget the look! His eyes widened, his brow furrowed in confusion, and just when I thought, cool, he won't cry, he let out an unholy scream!

So I brought him to my mother-in-law and wife, who were both in another room, and handed him to my wife, saying please fix this.

The baby, once in her arms, shot back an hurt, accusatory look at me.

"See, this is why I shouldn't watch the baby," I said with a smile, hoping for a laugh.

The baby is handling the cold well, though. Between coughs, he is still all smiles! What a happy kid!

He must take after his mom.

I know when I'm sick, I want attention and mope around the house, refusing any request to do anything resembling housework, which as we all know, can escalate even a minor cold to a trip to the emergency room!

So, I spent the weekend working on my comic and trying to get ahead for the newspaper gig, so I could get home at a decent hour on Monday.

Somehow, I was also able to find time to watch the first half of a college football game. Seeing as I haven't had time to watch any sports in ages, it was an enjoyable experience. However, I wasn't aware that the Florida Gators started their season off by playing a high school team.

The Western Kentucky Hilltoppers?!

I mean, come on, who can take a team that has THIS mascot seriously?

Come on, that's just a grimace costume died red!

Actually, Grimace was the coolest of McDonald's mascots. So, I recant my previous statement. The hilltoppers still suck, but hey, they got a cool mascot.

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