Wednesday, December 05, 2007
Who is eating this?
A tip for the mom(or dad)-on-the-go! When you're a working parent, it's hard to find time to make healthy meals for the family. Thankfully, the good folks at Tyson have come to the rescue. If you find yourself pressed for time to make dinner, just turn to the back of a box of "Honey Battered Breast Tenders" (*notice chicken is not in the name of the product) for their "Easy Week Night" recipe.

How do you make honey battered greasy pressed meat even better? Slap a box of 'em on top of some frozen (because who the hell has time to make REAL) pancakes, and pour some syrup on the mess! Voila, instant dinner for four! (Oddly, the Department of Children and Families' Services phone number is not included on the box)

Media Hype #871: "Terror at an Omaha mall! A gunman kills 8, then himself in an Omaha mall crowded with holiday shoppers... Are local malls doing enough to protect you?" If your local news network teased with a promo like that and you live HUNDREDS OR THOUSANDS OF MILES from Omaha, join me in a big round of applause in the name of senseless fear mongering. Yay, media!

Funny website/video of the moment. If you're like me and enjoy videos of cats doing cute and/or stupid things, check out this video. It's from a site called "Cute With Chris", and was recently featured on Yahoo's front page. will keep you entertained for hours with more than 100 clips of the "Cute with Chris" show -- which should help fill the void of reruns on TV. What else are you going to do, watch Carson Daly?

Sorry for the lack of new comics, I'll post something Friday.

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