Saturday, April 05, 2008
Damn you, Turbotax!
With the name TURBO in your title, one might think that the TurboTax would be, oh, I don't know, FAST?!

I've been staring at this message now for nearly an hour:


Prior to that, I managed to get about half of our taxes done before the site froze. I have since spent several hours attempting to log back in.

I could probably do the taxes the old fashioned way and walk them to the IRS, hand deliver them, walk back home, and still see the same damned message on my screen.

I know I waited a while to do taxes, but is EVERYONE in the United States also doing their taxes online tonight via TurboTax?

Damned procrastinators.


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Thursday, April 03, 2008
Flying Penguins!
Somehow all the contents of my DVR were erased last night. Second time this has happened. What's the use of paying for DVR when you can't depend on it to hold shows? Among shows that got erased, the most recent episodes of Lost and Smallville. Lost, of course I can catch on ABC online or Itunes. However, Smallville isnt on Itunes or CW's site.

And yes. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I watch Smallville.

Oh well, having an empty DVR gives me more time to read. I'm currently reading Stephen King's Cell.

For those that haven't yet seen this, a rather cool video.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008
a new-ish blog
For those who didn't already notice, I am using blogger on the front page of Todd and Penguin now. This is good news for those who want to post comments but don't have LiveJournal (where I did 98% of my blogging for the past few years) accounts.

I've been using LiveJournal forever, but blogger lets me host the blog on my own site and it works better with my overall plans for Todd and Penguin. For those used to reading me on LJ, don't worry, I'll still continue to post to LiveJournal as long as people continue to subscribe and comment.

My goal with this blog is to post more regularly. As in daily.

I've been somewhat lax in my blog posting duties of late. Part of it is the busy schedule I have, the other part is that I was attempting to do too much in a blog post. I had all these ideas for lengthy column-like pieces, complete with pictures. And since I didn't have the time to do it right, I just procrastinated. The truth of the matter is, with my workload and lifeload, I just don't have that kind of time to do column-length entries on a daily basis.

However, that shouldn't stop me from regular shorter posts. Dammit, people NEED to read all these very important things I have to say. (stay tuned for my Very Important post tomorrow on Diet Dr. Pepper Chocolate Cherry whatever the hell the name of it is).

So what you will see here will be more quick and DAILY posts, with comments, links, photos and random thoughts. You know, like a blog. Hopefully, the blog will be as enjoyable as the comics you come here to read. I'll be adding some new regular features to the blog in the coming weeks and also back-posting old LJ posts to this blog, so everything is all in one spot (or two, as the case may be).

Feel free to comment here or email me, I always enjoy to hear from readers.

Oh yeah, there's a new Todd and Penguin up for Wed. Taking Up Space will update Friday. (ran out of time to finish it tonight).


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Monday, March 31, 2008
Baby's first *&#!@ Easter

When you have a baby, you’re obligated to photograph and/or video record every FIRST. The first time your baby eats, first holidays, first birthdays, first poo (I'm sure SOMEONE takes a picture of that!) etc… This weekend Baby Wright got to experience his first Easter. Cameras and videocameras were at the ready.

My wife bought him an Easter basket and filled it with some non-candy items including a set of Winnie the Pooh pacifiers (big with the raver set), a Winnie the Pooh ball and a stuffed bunny toy. Given his love for the Giant Blue Ball that mommy got him a few weeks ago, which he walks around the house lifting over his head like a giant globe, you can guess which item he went straight forward. His eyes lit up and a huge grin spread across his face as he grabbed the ball.

And my wife was catching every moment for digital posterity as I attempted to get a good photo. Pictures and video which will forever be reminders of Baby's first Easter.

Of course, taking a picture of a baby is easier said than done.

Sure, they’ll pose, making the cutest or funniest faces you’ve ever seen. Faces that would make GREAT pictures… if the sound of a camera snapping a pic didn't cause their eyes to squeeze shut and their faces to contort like zombies.

So, after I got everything situated just right, for the all important Official Easter Shot, the psychotic cats decide to walk by, as if to say, "LOOK AT OUR GLORIOUS ASSES, MARVEL AT THEM, PHOTOGRAPH THEM FOR POSTERITY! HERE, LET'S SHOVE THEM IN FRONT OF THE BABY!"

Frustrated, I did what I always do when I get annoyed. I vented.

“F’ing cats!” I said. Of course, I didn’t say “F” but the actual word, which is now forever digitized in the form of Baby Wright’s First Easter Video!

My wife was NOT happy. She gave me that look she gives when I do something she cannot possibly comprehend I just did. As if to ask herself, WHO DID I MARRY?!

I mimed a quick, ‘I’m sorry’ and couldn’t help but laugh a bit. I couldn’t believe I screwed up the Easter video. Me laughing was not the right response, of course, which only made me laugh harder.

I managed to stifled the laughter long enough to set up for a shot, when Psycho Orange Cat decided to start a fight with the other Psycho Cat.

“F’ing cat!” I said, AGAIN.


Oh well, at least the kid will have a nice REAL memory of Easter and not some sanitized, washed down version. He'll also have a video to see what daddy looked like before mommy beat him about the head with a video camera.

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