Saturday, April 12, 2008
New comics
Friday's Todd and Penguin and Taking Up Space are both up now. It was tempting to hold them until Monday to give myself some time off this weekend, but I DID say I would post them tonight. And I'd hate to not deliver on a promise.

Forgot to mention before, but Comixtalk got a beautiful redesign from Tyler Martin, who not only draws a beautful comic, (though it seems to be on hiatus) but also does some of the BEST site design work I've seen. Easily, the prettiest designed comic site on the web.
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Friday, April 11, 2008
The Friday Four
Hope you all will forgive me for not updating Wed. or Fri! Everyone in the house has been sick. I will post new Todd and Penguin and Taking Up Space comics Friday night.

So, for now, I present one of many planned blog features -- The Friday Four (or sometimes Five), wherein I will post the top Four (or Five) things which either amused, annoyed or I just couldn't get out of my head this week.

4: "Five dollar Footlongs..."
The new Subway ad campaign is perhaps the most annoying thing ever put to film. The theme song, repeated over and over and over and OVER AND OVER, bores into your skull like some parasitic alien worm that demands attention. I refuse to surrender! NO, Subway, Bad Kitty!

3: Wal-Mart rapist: This piece of trash, er, I'm sorry, ACCUSED piece of trash, David Welker, has been arrested for raping a woman in the parking lot of a Central Florida Wal-Mart while holding a gun to the head of the woman's 15 month old child.
WKMG news crews interviewed his roomate, who said despite his rap sheet of 27 arrests including the beating of an elderly disabled person and a pregnant woman, she doesn't think he did it.

"He's a really good person."

No, you aren't watching an episode of COPS, just your average news cycle in Florida.

Read about it here. Click on the sidemenu "VIDEO: Suspect's roomate"

2: What the world eats. This was posted back in December, but the internets are big and there's a good chance you didn't see it, what with all the other great stuff out there. It's pretty cool to see the groceries of people from around the world.

1: Dodge Journey Commercial: Where the Subway commercial makes me want to throw something at my TV, this commercial, with its cool animation is pretty to look at.

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