Wednesday, April 16, 2008
If it's not one thing...
Apologies for the lack of comics of late. My wife was hit with a bug she had gotten over, which put me on fulltime daddy duty for the weekend. I know some artists say they are able to draw while taking care of their kids. Hell, DJ Coffman said he drew with his kid on his lap. I find that pretty hard to believe, now that I know firsthand how difficult it can be to do ANYTHING while watching a baby. Well, at least an infant. Perhaps when he's a bit older, I will be able to multitask better. But alas, this weekend, I was unable to get anything done.
On Tuesday, my dad had to go to the hospital and have an emergency surgery because his appendix ruptured. He will likely be in the hospital for the duration of the week. It's a bit scary to see him in the hospital in a weakened state, as he's always been the strongest person I've ever known. Today, we brought Baby Wright to see him. It's amazing to see what effect my son has on my dad. You can see the love in my dad's eyes when he looks at his grandson. It sorta' got me choked up. They played peek-a-boo and Baby made grandpa laugh.
Though it hurt my dad quite a bit to laugh, he said of his grandson, "I don't care, that is the best medicine."
I WILL post new Todd and Penguin and Taking Up Space comics at some point on Friday. I've already drawn one of them. I hope to have them up before Friday morning, but I'm warning you now that it could take until Friday night given my unknown schedule for the next few days. As for next week, Todd and Penguin WILL have a full slate of updates. You'll know why come Monday.
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