Friday, May 02, 2008
funny or mean?
Brought Baby Wright to Toys R' Us this week to find a puzzle. While at the doctor's office, he was fascinated with a wooden puzzle with large pieces. He was placing the pieces, shaped like cars, planes, and other vehicles, back in their slots -- impressive for having just turned one. I definitely want to encourage any toy which helps him learn. He loves to pull things apart to see how they work and try to put them back together again.

While we were looking around, I saw the police puppet pictured in this post. It has a stick which connects to the hand, so you can control the arm. I put a hand in the puppet and started working it, talking to Baby, who was sitting in the shopping cart. His eyes were wide as if if he were interacting with a real person, or at the very least, a real SOMETHING. It was so cute to see him interacting with the puppet. A moment of pure joy (the kind you want to lock away in your memory file when you think back on your child's firsts) which I had to go and ruin.

An idea crossed my mind -- How about we open the puppet's mouth and make a scary sound and see how baby reacts. I really didn't think he would get scared. HE loves being chased around the house by Monster Daddy and doesn't scare easily. However, when I did the thing with the puppet, he jumped, startled. It was cute, sad and funny all at once. My wife protested, "No, you're scaring him."

"No, I'm not," I said, and did it again, just to see the reaction. Suddenlly, his eyes got all big and scared, his lip trembled like he was going to cry and he reached out for mommy to hold him.

Yeah, I feel bad. The worst part is that I actually WANTED to get the puppet for him since he seemed so absorbed by it. Probably not a good idea to buy it now... unless I want to keep it solely for scaring him. You know, "You better stop fussing or I'm gonna' get the cop!" That would be bad.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Update and a cool comic
A new Todd and Penguin and Taking Up Space is posted now.

Watching Robert Downey Jr. on Letterman. Can't wait to see Iron Man. One of my favorite comics back in the day when comics were affordable for kids. I challenge ANYONE who doesn't pull down some serious money to follow any Marvel title these days. With 15 different spinoffs from each title, crossovers, and all that, comics are no longer something your average kid can follow... which is a shame.

Speaking of comics, I stumbled upon a GREAT comic last week. If you enjoy Taking Up Space, then Calamaties of Nature is right up your alley.

That's it for now. I'll post some pictures Wednesday.
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Monday, April 28, 2008
A new post, and comic
I spent the weekend catching up with many things and resolving none. In the background of doing a great many things, I found myself thinking about my various comic projects; the good and bad about each and how I can nudge each one along to what I want it to be. What surprised me most is that I found myself thinking A LOT about Girl and Monster, and wanting to return to that world.

I started Girl and Monster in October 2006 (foolishly optimistic that I would have time to draw it - and my other comics- right). It ran for one month and then was more or less put aside so I can get back to Todd and Penguin. The big problem with the comic is that there is a BIG story behind the whole thing. One with mystery and whimsical and dark fantasy elements. Something more than what is shown in the four panels. Something which takes TIME to tell. Unfortunately, telling a long story at 4 panels per week would be drawn out for far too long, so I scrapped it until I can do it right.

So, here's what I'm thinking... Scrap the four panel standard newspaper comic style and go with a once-per-week full page longer form (comic book) style. I'm still mulling it over, but as I do so, know that the story is slowly building, taking root and stretching deep into the earth while its branches reach skyward, stretching skyward.

Back to Todd and Penguin-land: there is a new comic today, continuing the ongoing tragedy of Sicily's accident. I've already been yelled at my mother for this depressing storyline. She asked if Sicily will die and then, "Isn't a comic supposed to be funny?!" (I hear that a lot when I do the serious comics, not to mention the supposed-to-be-funny comics).

That is all for now. Feel free to comment or email me with your thoughts on either Todd and Penguin or my plans for Girl and Monster or whatever else is on your mind.

Oh yeah, Taking Up Space will be back Wednesday. IF you missed last week's comic, it is still on the front page. Go check it out.

I'll post again Monday night and tell you about a cool comic I recently found.

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