Tuesday, May 06, 2008
Is James Turner BLIND?
James Turner of the wonderful Beaver and Steve recently held a contest to find a guest artist for 5 or so comics. I, as well as SEVERAL others, entered, drawing a comic based on a script which he provided. Somehow, my work of genius was overlooked and this one chosen the winner. I didn't even make it among the runners up! I'm not sure how James does such a great job at Beaver and Steve, being obviously BLIND and all... SCREW YOU JAMES!

Nah, just kidding. There were lots of good entries, though I think I would've picked this cartoonish-styled one as the winner. Only after I drew my comic, did I see in the forums that he was encouraging people to interpret Beaver and Steve in their own style, rather than a duplication of his style.

On to Todd and Penguin...
Thanks for all the email regarding the comic recently. For those who thought Monday's comic was the happy ending of the storyline, you haven't been reading long, have you?

A new comic is up tonight. I think the last panel might be the most honest exchange I've ever drawn.

No new Taking Up Space this week, yet. Sorry. I'll try for Friday. I've been swamped. There WILL be a Todd and Penguin Friday, though. No... really.

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Sunday, May 04, 2008
Iron Man review, new comics
I, as well as about 15 billion others, saw Iron Man this weekend. Who knew the movie would do so well? It is a damned fun movie despite being formulaic and a well tread genre. You can thank Robert Downey Jr. for that. Given Iron Man's battles with alcoholism (not a storyline in this movie), the minute Downey was named as Tony Stark, I fell in love with the project. Downey has the skills to make anything work, especially a down and out alcoholic superhero. He brings so much to the character of Tony Stark, one can hardly imagine anyone else in the role. The movie certainly would NOT have been this good with any one else.

The plot is simple and predictable. If you can't tell what's going to happen 20 minutes before it does, you are likely a BIG fan of Lifetime Movies, in which case, you are also easily entertained. The special effects are well done, blending seamlessly into the movie, not calling attention to them often. It shows what good restraint can do for a superhero movie.

In case you saw the movie but didn't stick around until after the credits, you missed what would seem a hint at the movie's sequel starring a VERY familiar face. When I heard this person speak, I immediately was reminded of one of my other favorite movie endings. I won't say what, for not wanting to spoil Iron Man. Those who know who it is will probably guess the movie to which I am referring.

A new Todd and Penguin is up.

Tomorrow, I begin a new Weight Loss challenge.

Some of you may recall that I did this yearlong column for the newspaper I work for detailing my attempts to lose 100 pounds in one year. Well, it failed, but I've been challenged to take part in another one, this one 3 months long, and being run by the city. It should be interesting. I will go toe to toe with the Recreation and Parks Director. I tried to get a local elected official to get involved also. Was pretty close until that person decided they didn't want to A) give up eating and drinking and having fun B) fail publicly. Tomorrow is the weigh in and nearly 60 people have signed up as of a week ago. I'll keep you all posted on my progress. I hope to do much better this time around.

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