Wednesday, May 14, 2008
Every now and then I wonder if my time would be better spent pursuing something with a better chance of success than comics. If I spent half the time I spend on comic strips on freelance writing for magazines or even finishing one of my unfinished (and in many cases, unstarted) books, my odds of finding success would seem a bit better.

I thought about this last night when a really good idea for a story came to me. The moment felt like the old days, when I had a fairly easy job with lots of free time that allowed me to write nearly every night. First, the idea comes, followed by a few hours of thinking the story out, following each twist and exciting turn that it takes. Brainstorming a story is such a rush! There really is nothing else like it! Of course, the downside to that is that oftentimes, I overthink the story and wind up no longer interested in it by the time it is all worked out. I miss the process.

Now that I write for a living, the days of fiction writing (and time to pursue such) are a thing of the past. So, it was with some excitement that this new story came to me. Not sure what genre it would best be suited, as it contains elements of supernatural and sci-fi. Very light on the sci-fi, element, though. While I was happy to have this story come to me, unfortunately, I had a dilemma - I only have a little bit of time to work on my creative stuff and it usually goes to the comics. So, what to do?

Well, last night, I chased the story, ignored the comic, which is probably not a popular choice with those who visit my site to see a COMIC! (sorry, gang) But it was the right choice for me. I haven't finished the story yet and there are some things I'm not sure I like, but it felt good to write fiction for a change.

I'll consider putting the story online once its done, if it doesn't suck, that is. Anyone know any good sites for posting short stories? Maybe something with some networking and reader interaction?

But back to my original thoughts -- sometimes the easiest choice would be to end the comics and work on these other things which might have more of a chance of providing an income. One might say it is my responsibility to my family to do so. But I can't do that until I feel I've put forth an honest attempt to get syndicated.

For those wondering, the new Todd and Penguin will be delayed until Monday. I liked this Monday's comic. The problem with serious and depressing storylines with a comic that updates so infrequently is that it stretched on forever. I'm well aware that it can be tough on a reader, so I tried to interject some funny, while still pushing the storyline.

**Note to Rob, who asked how Stephen King's "Cell" is going. My hectic schedule has kept me from getting too far into the book yet, but I am looking forward to finishing it. Most of my recent reading has been limited to Wired magazine, a few nonfiction books and newsfeeds.

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