Wednesday, May 28, 2008
First words...

While there may be some debate as to what Baby Wright's first word was (either da-da, ma-ma, or hello), all of those occurred during his first gibberish stages. The first word he is using with any regularity and understanding is 'ball.' Or more accurately, "Baawl" which he says in a raspy cute voice. Even cuter is how he almost asks, rather than says, "bawl?'

"Bawwl? bawwl?" he says over and over again. It is so cute!

My wife, er, I mean the Easter Bunny, got him a Winnie the Pooh ball for Easter. It was one of several items in his First Easter Basket. Immediately, he seized on it to the neglect of a stuffed bunny rabbit which I thought he would have hugged on. He is less interested in cute things than balls, it seems. He is very much a typical boy, whereas his dad was more of a teddy bear carrying quiet child.

The Pooh ball was his second. We bought him a larger blue ball which he already loved playing with. But Pooh was the first ball that was Baby-Sized! It fits perfect in his hands! So, it is little surprise that "bawl" would be his first word. He loves bouncing the ball on the floor and giggles and laughs excitedly each time it bounces. He also started copying me by holding the ball and tossing it up in the air and catching it! He can't throw it high (though he can throw pretty far) but he is able to catch it, which seems pretty impressive given that he is only 13 months old.

On Friday, I took him out into the front yard while Mommy was cleaning her car. That's when Baby Wright spotted a football across the street on the neighbor's lawn. "Bawl, bawl!" he said pointing. (Did I mention he can spot something he can't have from very very far away?) Immediately, he started running towards the road to cross the street and get the ball.I grabbed him and he started crying. He wanted the bawl!

I tried to distract him by bringing him inside and letting him see a new ball, my adult-sized regulation Official NBA basketball. He picked it up and started running around with it. He even threw and caught it a few times, which is very impressive given how heavy the ball is! Of course, he hadn't forgotten about the ball across the street. He started smacking the front door to try and open it, while crying out, "bawl? bawl?"

I actually considered going to my neighbor's house and asking him if he would bring his ball in so my kid doesn't see it, then taking Baby Wright outside and let him see that it was gone. My wife said I would sound pretty stupid doing that, though, so I didn't. Eventually, Baby Amnesia set in and he forgot it.

For now.

While I have no goals for my son other than being the Cutest Baby Ever and successful at whatever he does, I do find it kinda' neat that he has shown such dexterity with the ball. We play catch with Mommy almost every night with one of the balls, tossing it across the room or to each other. He loves retrieving it, though sometimes he will try to run past us (especially when he was the Nerf football - I'm telling you, he has Barry Sanders-like instincts, immediately knowing how to hold a football!).

He also has a small plastic yellow ball (which fits in his hand like a baby-sized hard plastic baseball) which he tosses around. He actually brings his arm back before throwing it and gets some good distance (for a baby, anyway). Of course, he has also put these skills to use during dinner time by throwing his Cheerios container at Mommy (which he also gets pretty good distance on).

The only odd thing I noticed is that he seems to use his left hand exclusively when throwing the ball. Perhaps he will be left handed. While I prefer basketball over baseball, I imagine being a left handed pitcher might be a cool deal.

I'm also thrilled that he has picked up an interest in music. He loves music, dances when it is on, and attempts to play on a toy he has. I bought him another musical piano toy tonight, which plays several tunes, lights up, and counts. He LOVED IT! HE was bopping up and and down, then started marching back and forth to the music! Yes, marching! Must be something he picked up at daycare?

Ok, I'm sure you all (except my family and some friends and maybe mothers who read this) are sick of hearing about Baby Wright by now. To all the single men in my readership, please accept my apologies for all the cute stuff. But it coulda' been worse. I could have posted stories about my cats.

Oh yeah, a new Todd and Penguin went up last night.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008
quick update
Sorry for the lack of updates in more than a week. There will be a new comic up tonight as well as a lenghty blog post full of lame excuses why I haven't updated. :)
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