Friday, July 04, 2008
an update on the cat situation
Thanks to everyone who has been posting in the blogs and emailing me. I'm honored that so many of you were touched by Sicily's story.

No new comic until Monday. I spent the day watching Baby Wright, who demanded my full attention. When he wasn't chasing the cats (we're still trying to teach him to pet softly), he was either running around the living room with one of various balls, or tagging me as "it" so I would chase him.

Speaking of the cats, we've decided that he is attempting to be nice to the kitties and not mean when he swats at them. He just gets excited and pets too hard, pulls chunks of fur or worse, a tail. Sweetie Cat endures quite and is the most frequent target of Baby's abuse. She craves attention, though, so she puts up with it. She's probably hoping that she will make a friend who will pet her all the time and give her Pounce treats. Baby's latest move is to try to cuddle with the cat, and by cuddle, I mean lay next to while holding tightly or laying on top of. It's actually a pretty funny site which I will have to catch a photo of.

Last week, the day after I made my post about the cat situation, Charlie Monster bit Baby. Luckily it was a minor wound. You'd think Baby would learn not to go after Charlie, but that doesn't seem to be the case. The next day, while in preschool, Baby was reaching for another child's food when the child, who is about the same age (14 months), bit him on the same arm as the cat bite! Two bites in 24 hours -- it's rough being a baby!

Happy 4th to everyone who will be celebrating. See you all on Monday.
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Wednesday, July 02, 2008
Thanks to everyone who emailed or posted on the blogs in reference to the recent Sicily storyline. Today's Todd and Penguin closes out the story.

In other news: Check out Tony Piro's Calamaties of Nature which turned one on Tuesday. The comic is one of my new favorites. If you're a fan of Taking Up Space, you'll really enjoy it. Trust me. I enjoy Tony's drawing style and his use of color and his ability to draw really nice landscapes. And of course, the comic is funny and enjoyable.

In yet other news, Comixtalk was kind enough to invite me to draw the cover for the July issue. I believe it will debut sometime this weekend or Monday. I'd love to tell you what I drew, but I don't want to ruin it. You'll see two VERY familiar faces in the comic is all I will say for now.

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