Thursday, July 10, 2008
an update
Todd and Penguin has an update (of sorts) today. I uploaded a "best of" comic from 2006 because I haven't finished organizing my office and my computer and scanner are still sitting in a pile of wires. Good thing, too, because I am pretty unhappy with the comic I drew and need to redraw it completely.

In related news, both Todd and Penguin AND Taking Up Space will return with its unhappy comics for unhappy people next week.

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Monday, July 07, 2008
Comixtalk cover
Look who graces this month's Comixtalk cover! I was pretty thrilled to be invited to draw the cover. The idea of pairing Penguin with Cookie Monster came from Comixtalk owner, Xerexes. I thought it was a great idea, provided I don't get a cease and desist from CTW. For those new to Comixtalk, you have to click 'view entire cover' to see the whole scene. I'll post the alternate version I was going to go with here tomorrow.

As for Todd and Penguin, it will be back Wednesday. I spent yesterday cleaning and organizing my studio (or as my wife calls it, my 'messy room'). Well, in order to make everything function better, I had to reorganize everything. What started as a one day project has turned into an at least two day project, if not more. My computer, scanner, keyboard and moue are all sitting in an unkempt pile of wires waiting to be sorted out and put back into place.

Thanks to Frank Frisina and his mother, Linda, who were kind enough to comment regarding the Sicily storyline that I wrote in honor of Frank's dog who died last August 9. For those new to the comic, Penguin met Sicily when he ran away. Sicily then found herself living with Penguin. On a happy note, in his comment, Frank tells us that he is about to get a puppy from Sicily's mother.

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