Thursday, July 17, 2008
Oh great, Amy Poehler is going to ruin TWO shows
Seems Amy Poehler has been tapped to star in the Office spinoff. It's not enough that she ruined SNL by mugging it up in nearly EVERY FREAKIN' SCENE last season, but now she gets to ruin a primetime show! Bravo, NBC! Though to be fair, the idea of an Office spinoff seems horrible to begin with, so why not? What could it hurt? Hell, if it means she'll appear in fewer SNL sketches, then it could be a great move.

And WHY does NBC feel the need to destroy The Office, anyway? Judging by last season's hit and miss episodes, they ought to concentrate on fixing the original before spinning off a NEW series.

I'll post a new Todd and Penguin comic later tonight.


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Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Goodbye Cable
Since I lost my job last month, we've been looking at ways to get by on less money. Since having a child last year, we've already cut most of our non-essential spending. So, now we have to look at our monthly expenses and trim the fat. Of course my wife and I disagree on just what is fat. To her, cable TV qualifies as fat. To me, cable is right up there with ESSENTIAL items such as food, mortgage and oxygen. However, hard times call for hard decisions, and no matter how hard I try, there is little way to justify the continued expense. So next week, I'm going to do the unthinkable and get rid of cable.

More importantly, I will be getting rid of the Most Important and Amazing Device Ever invented.

I'm talking about the DVR, or Digital Video Recorder, that the cable company provides for an extra $6 a month.

For those who aren't familiar with the DVR, (like my parents, who have somehow watched TV their entire lives without one!), the DVR allows you to record one show while watching another. You can watch TV on your schedule. The DVR also allows you to rewind shows you are watching. Did you miss something that the detective just said on Law and Order: Criminal Intent Special Victims Homicide and Pudding Theft Division? Rewind it. Want to see that unbelievable 90 yard touchdown reception again? Rewind it.

Perhaps the best part of the DVR is that it allows you to pause a show while you're watching it when reality rudely interrupts your television viewing. No longer do you have to miss ANYTHING because of interruption.

"Honey, the kitchen is on fire!"

"Hold on, let me pause the game."

No problem!

I don't know HOW we were able to watch TV before the DVR. Well, actually I do. We didn't have a child back then.

A DVR is an absolute necessity for any house with children, particularly a house with a curious one year old who finds it necessary to taste anything that will fit in his mouth. Add to that a penchant for chasing the cats, grabbing the cats, smacking the cats in awkward attempts to pet them, and putting his fingers in places the cats don't want a finger, and you can find yourself pausing a show 2,452 times (a rough estimate) per hour.

A DVR allows me to do the things that a good parent should do, like pick the baby up and comfort him after he falls off a toy train (even though I told him 900 times not to climb on it because he always falls), and clean and bandage cat-inflicted wounds. If I miss something on TV, I can simply rewind it.

Without a DVR, I will suddenly be forced to CHOOSE between my child and television! No man should have to make that decision. Not in the age of technology when you can have both! I know, I sound like the worst parent ever. But, hey, when your team is down 3-2 with bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth, and the baby fell down (something he does about 400 times a day) he can wait a minute or two. Right?

Okay, obviously I can't ignore my son - well, not until he's old enough to ignore me (teenage years), so I will always choose him over TV.

I just hope he can limit his need for parental assistance to short two minute commercial breaks.


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