Thursday, July 31, 2008
new Taking Up Space
A new Taking Up Space is up. In my haste to build the newly designed Todd and Penguin site, I forgot to link to my other comics. woops!

I'll post more tonight.
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Wednesday, July 30, 2008
update alert
A new Taking Up Space will be up Thursday and a new Todd and Penguin will be up on Friday. Meanwhile, check this out.

Onion's AV Club lists the 22 most unflattering comic confessionals in autobiographical comics. From Robert Crumb taking advantage of a drunken date to Marjane Satrapi's getting an innocent man arrested, these artists' confessions dare you to like them, or at least understand them, as they pour it all out on the page for the world to see.
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Monday, July 28, 2008
New look
Todd and has a new look today. I changed the design, making a much needed change of the site's colors, which I was not happy with in the previous two designs. Also changed is the logo. While it is not as indicative of the entire comic as the prior one (which included the whole family), it looks much better.

Also changed is the size of the comics. Starting today, new comics will be 850 pixels wide, up from 800. Yeah, it forces 800 x 600 screen viewers to scroll, but judging from my stats page, very few people are reading this at 800x600 resolution. Besides, several other comics have already gone past the 800 pixel width, and bigger does look better. I'm not going to re-size the archived comics as it would simply take waaaaaay too long. Reading through the archives, you'll find comics starting at 600 pixels wide in the beginning growing to the current size.

While I had hoped to have a new wordpress blogging system up, it refused to work right with KeenSpot's servers. The page either loaded incorrectly or it looked horrible in the iframe. So, as of now, I'll stick with blogger until I can work things out. If you're curious what the new blog site looks like, you can find it at

I'm not sure how many people are actually reading the posts at the Todd and Penguin site as opposed to catching them on LiveJournal or simply not reading the blog at all. I imagine most of you come here for the comic more than anything.

Judging from the posts from here and LJ and the email I get, it's tough to say how many people regularly read these posts. Rather than upload to three different places, I'm thinking of moving the blog off of Todd and Penguin's front page and simply posting a link to hosted offsite. If you have any thoughts on that, feel free to post or email me.

I'll be adding more to the site during the week and will post here once more changes are in place.

as always, thanks for reading,


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