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Comics for the week of Monday, February 5, 2007

Artist's notes: These are the very first Todd and Penguin comics! The first comic was posted to the web on November 12,2000 and is slightly more crass than what the comic would become. I really had no idea what I was planning when I first started drawing, as is painfully obvious. I didn't yet know my characters.
The second comic marks the first appearance of Mr. Bear, and whatever intentions I had in making Penguin a sarcastic talking sidekick died right there. In the comics which will follow, I discovered the real Penguin.
God, are those colors garish! I apologize to anyone for any damage done to either their eyes or monitors.

Artist's notes: Wow, that couch might be the single ugliest coloring job I ever did. I remember in the first comics trying to think of something that Penguin and his new friend might do. I'm not sure where cards came into the mix, other than maybe I thought they looked funny in the visors. As you can tell, perspective was not my friend in the early comics. Heh, some things never change.

Artist's notes: The first appearance of Sally, who would later move from the neighborhood. Though I didn't have many readers back then, a number of people wrote me saying they were dissapointed that Sally had left. That was when I knew I made the right choice to keep the comic as realistic as possible. Some say the comic is too depressing. Others, who know me, are surprised its usually so whimsical! People still email me to this day asking when Sally will be back. Just as people leave in real life, they sometimes come back. So who knows?

Artist's notes: I sorta' regret Sally telling Penguin that her mom got her a pony. Were it a real pony, it would not fit her character at all. Like I said before, I hadn't thought out the comic. I didn't even plan on Sally being more than a one-shot character. Worse, I had enough trouble drawing a penguin, God only knows what my pony might have looked like! Of course, she could have meant a stuffed animal pony, which would make sense... and would save me from having to draw a pony.

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