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Comics for the week of Monday, August 7, 2006

Number 10 Penguin vs. the ants. (Original publish date : Augst 7, 2001)
The last panel cracks me up. Amid all the chaos, Penguin is pushing the chair with Mr. Bear to safety. I'm not sure why he didn't just pick Mr. Bear up and carry him outside? This was one of many comics featuring Penguin battling the ants and probably one of the first comics where I attempted to draw something close to perspective.

Number 9 - Penguin finds a puppy (Original publish date : December 11, 2001)
This is from one of my favorite storylines, where Penguin find a puppy. That puppy was so cute! I really had no idea where I was going with this story, it sorta' wrote itself.
Click here to read the story.

Number 8 - Jessika (Original publish date : July 2005 or so)
People often ask me which character I am most like. While it is a mix of all of them. I find myself most relating to Jessika. Particularly in this strip.

Number 7- The Litterbox. Orginal publication date: Sep. 10,2003
This might be the one I laughed at the hardest when I thought of it. I like that the last panel implies what Penguin must've said to Todd, rather than showing it.

Number 6- Goodbye, House.
It's not often that I get creative in my perspective shots. The last panel on this one, showing the gang leaving, from the angle of the empty house sorta' made me feel the emptiness a house might feel once its owners left it. You know, if the house was a sentient being, and all.

Number 5- Trashcan Jenga!
YEah, know I just ran the re-drawn version of this, but it is a reader favorite and pretty accurate.

Number 4 - Fantasitc Journey Finale
The ending to one of those long drawn out stories I seem to do once a year or so and test the patience of readers. I really like the ideas behind this one, and the drawing of Sally and the tree. Something macickal about it.

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