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Comics for the week of Monday, August 14, 2006

Number 3 - Waiting for cookies
Waiting for cookies was the first running gag I started early on in the comic, Pre-KeenSpot archives. Penguin waiting for cookies is a staple each school year. Poor guy didn't realize it was Saturday!

Number 2 - Nermal
This is part of the FIRST KeenSpot storyline, which also happened around the time of my entrance into the "Daily Grind" contest. Some of my friends, who know me for my darker humor, don't really get "Todd and Penguin". This storyline sorta' plays on that. The exchange between Penguin and Oscar in the last panel might be my favorite lines from the comic.

Number 1 - Faith and Devotion
When Holly lost the baby (story starts here), the comic entered arguably its darkest period. With Holly becoming distant and feeling abadndoned by God and going to her mom's to sort things out, Todd found himself confronting his own lack of faith. What happened next is left to interpretation, but the end result is this comic of two souls finding themselves and each other, and perhaps more.

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